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£10 for 15 minutes

We absolutely love cats and we know they would prefer to stay in their own home instead of a cattery or someone else's. Are you going on holiday? Are you going to be home late? Do you need the cat fed? Our cat sitters can pop round to feed them, give them fresh water, clean out their bowls, check their litter and give them some much-needed attention. You will also get the added bonus of having your home checked to make sure it stays safe and secure whilst you are away. We can close curtains and turn lights on if you would like us to do so. It doesn't matter if you have more than one cat, as long as we can complete what you need us to do in 15 minutes. If you think our visits will take longer, we can provide you with a quote. 


Please note that this service is charged at double time on bank holidays.

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