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Pet Taxi Service in Manchester

Pet Taxi

Going for a Drive

From £15

At Charlie & Friends, we're delighted to offer our distinguished pet taxi service in Manchester, thoughtfully crafted to address your pet's transportation needs with unmatched care and professionalism. Understanding the hectic schedules of pet owners, our service is designed to ensure your pet's travel requirements are met with convenience and reliability, now including long-distance journeys to accommodate your broader needs.

Comprehensive Pet Taxi Solutions

Our trusted pet taxi in Manchester is the perfect solution for pet owners in search of reliable transport for their pets to a variety of appointments. Whether it's a visit to the vet, a session with pet sitters, cat sitters, dog groomers, or a comforting stay at the grandparents' house, we've got you covered. We also proudly accommodate long-distance journeys, ensuring that no destination is out of reach for your pet. Understanding that each pet has unique needs, we're dedicated to discussing and accommodating individual requirements, offering a service that truly stands out.

Transparent Pricing Structure

At Charlie & Friends, we believe in clarity and fairness in pricing. For just £15, we provide a single one-way journey covering up to 2 miles from the pickup point. For journeys extending beyond this distance, including long-distance travels, we charge a nominal fee of £1.50 per mile. Aware that delays can sometimes occur, we've implemented a modest waiting time charge of 30 pence per minute, applicable after the first 5 minutes at the pickup or destination point.

Specialised Pet Transportation

Our mission is the safe and comfortable transportation of your pets. It's crucial for our clients to understand that our services are exclusively for pets, as we do not hold a licence to transport people. This focus ensures a specialised service, allowing you to make separate arrangements for your own travel, confident in the knowledge that your pet is in the safest hands.

Why Charlie & Friends?

Choosing Charlie & Friends' pet taxi services in Manchester means opting for a stress-free experience for both you and your pet. Our team is not just about getting your pet from A to B; we're about providing a journey that's as comfortable and caring as the destination itself, regardless of the distance. With a professional, yet warm approach, we ensure every trip is handled with the utmost care, establishing us as the go-to choice for pet taxi services in Manchester, for both local and long-distance needs.


Bank Holiday Availability

We are available on bank holidays, including Easter Sunday, Christmas Day, and New Year's Day. However, please note that this service is charged at double time on bank holidays.

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